Hell Hath No Fury Like A Good Girl Scorned

In the comic legal thriller Millie’s Lament, Martin Reynolds (a negligent driver’s uber-confident lawyer) thinks he can make Millicent Simmons settle her insignificant fender bender accident case for peanuts, if he can frighten Millie and her inexperienced storefront lawyer at Millie’s deposition.

Without warning, Millie’s insignificant fender bender case explodes in Martin Reynolds’ face. Within seconds, he learns that Millie has been harboring a scandalous secret, and from that instant on it will be Martin’s impossible task to keep the secret from blowing up his world.

Martin asks Millie a routine question… she pauses… she hesitates… she answers… and suddenly Martin’s job at the law firm is at risk; and possibly Martin’s career; and certainly his engagement to marry the vivacious daughter of his tyrannical boss.

In a few hours even Martin’s life will be in danger, as will Millie’s life; and her easy-going lawyer Bert Spagnoli’s life will also be threatened by mob enforcers.

Looking like an innocent Homecoming Queen — but with the courage of a lion — Millie Simmons defiantly stands her ground as her secret transforms a routine fender bender case into a full-blown crisis. The most powerful lawyer in town is the primary victim of Millie’s secret, and he resolves to crush her by any means.

But the family of Millie’s own lawyer — Bert Spagnoli — runs the local mob… and worlds collide.

Millie’s Lament presents the first big case of Bert Spagnoli’s legal career: his client is vulnerable and under attack; a tsunami wave of scandal is building; and Bert is matched against the city’s biggest law firm; but Bert surfs the crashing wave with legal skill, tactical imagination, street smarts — and a lot of smiles and chuckles.

Time flies as smart young lawyers battle each other and then team up; clumsy out-of-town mobsters invade hometown mobster turf; a rogue thug tries to kill Millie and her parish priest; and cast-iron frying pans help solve life-altering problems.

Millie’s Lament is an unabashedly comic novel, but the usual elements of the mystery/thriller genres are present, re-purposed for humor as well as dread; and the legal elements are based on the author’s 40-year career as a litigation lawyer.