Fighting Lawyer myth

I am not that guy

Some lawyers say they will fight like heavyweight boxers, Special Forces troops or Roman gladiators to win cases. I’ve never been one of those.

I never thought people should choose according to the raw fear a lawyer promises to inspire. The courts are not places where “fighters” can expect to thrive. When the angriest lawyer is shouting the loudest, the opposition is probably smiling, not quaking in fear.

Iraq – 2007

Law is not combat

I’ve been to war zones – Vietnam as a soldier and Iraq as a freelance correspondent – and I can tell you that no matter how painful a legal dispute might be, it’s nothing like war… or a boxing match… or any other conflict where pure aggression matters. A trial lawyer’s primary tools are reason, good advice, spoken words and documents. Your lawyer will never “fight” for you. The most powerful weapons a litigation lawyer will ever use for your benefit are intelligence, eloquence, persistence and integrity.

Position Paper by Richard Galli sample

Litigation Support

I have spent more than 40 years as a civil litigation lawyer: as a senior partner in a prominent full-service firm and as managing partner in a litigation boutique. Lately I have also worked with other firms as co-counsel and “of counsel” trying cases; helping to prepare for trials; taking depositions; drafting eloquent briefs and narrative pleadings; and managing discovery.

I specially deploy my experience as a journalist, writer and publisher in preparing “Position Papers” that are based on rigorous file reviews, site visits, research and interviews – all of which result in persuasive, well-documented settlement brochures… that can easily morph into motion and pre-trial memoranda.

Position Papers are especially useful in setting a case up for mediation or arbitration. The best way to appreciate their effectiveness is to hold one in your hands.

Rescuing Jeffrey by Richard Galli

Spinal Cord Injury

Nearly 20 years ago my son became a quadriplegic – totally paralyzed from the neck down – because of a swimming pool accident. Since then, I have been a principal caregiver for Jeff, intimately involved in both routine and critical medical needs and his “technology package,” parts of which I have designed, fabricated and maintained.

I wrote a well-regarded book – Rescuing Jeffrey – about the first ten days following the accident. It was published as a work of creative non-fiction, but has also been used as a resource in schools and medical programs. The New York Times called it “a huge story unflinchingly told.”

Naturally, I have a special interest in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) cases and would be pleased to hear from anyone coping with the tragedy of a spinal cord injury; or to assist any attorney or firm whose clients would benefit from my combination of legal, medical and practical experience.

arbitration and mediation

Arbitration / Mediation

Looking back at a long career, it’s interesting to realize that some out-of-court resolutions can be as memorable as jury verdicts.

Jury trials, arbitrations and mediations have this much in common: they are most effective when litigants have a fair chance to tell their story to decision makers who have the willingness and capacity to listen and understand. Half my life I’ve been telling stories; and the other half I’ve been helping people tell theirs.

War, arbitration and mediation have this much in common: It usually takes some quiet skill and a measure of trust to make the fighting stop.

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