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Richard Galli has published his work almost every way possible, except stone tablets and skywriting. Some books came off the big printers at Random House; but he also slowly hand-crafts gift editions, one by one, using jigs and tools he fabricated. You can even ask him about setting galleys of hot lead type from Mergenthaler Linotype machines.

If an enduring appreciation for words is a valuable part of your life, you have come to the right place.

You can find standard paperback and e-book editions of our newest books at Amazon, but this BookStore is the only legitimate source for new books autographed by the author.

H&M is a 9″ x 6″ trade paperback; Millie is an 8.5″ x 5.5″ trade paperback; and all RJs on this site are hardcover.

RJs without autographs are available as packaged in their original 40-book “printer’s boxes.” Rescuing Jeffrey has been a resource in schools and medical programs, but this is the first time we’ve made the boxed set publicly available at the “affinity” discount.

Terms of Service

Readers who use this page are probably sure about what they want, and seek the special writer-reader connection (or gift appeal) of an autograph; or they have a special reason for buying multiple copies of Rescuing Jeffrey.

Lengthy samples of our newest books are available at their Amazon pages. Some Amazon customers might even be able to read the entire digital editions for free. So preview our new books at Amazon – and purchase there if an autograph is not important to you.

If what we shipped isn’t what you ordered, we will correct the error at no cost to you. Otherwise, we don’t issue refunds for books that readers would simply like to return. We would be out of the book-selling business pretty quickly if we did that.

For your protection, our site doesn’t collect credit card numbers or other payment information. Those things are handled by PayPal, an industry standard transaction processor.

And we don’t require or permit you to register an “account” here. Every visitor is a welcome guest. We do hope you will subscribe to our news list, so we can send you an occasional email note. Use the “Stay in Touch” form on this page.

Have you ever seen Terms of Service that were as easy to read as these have been?